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Russ Sainty - The Complete Collection (Triple disc)
Radio: Play That Song Again

Release: 2011

At the unveiling ceremony of an historic green plaque on the wall of the famous "2 i's Coffee Bar" in Old Compton Street, Soho London on the 18th of September 2006, to commemorate the birth place of British Rock n Roll, the music industry recognised those who performed their between 1956 and 1960 as the pioneers and founding fathers of British Rock n Roll. Russ Sainty was one such performer, starting his singing career in 1957. And now following a wonderful and continuing career, performing in many places all over the world, some 54 years on Russ has released his first serious solo album, or to be more precise Triple album! We believe that this is a genuine first and may just mark a little piece of Rock/Pop history.


The title track sets the scene for this nostalgic package. CD one contains 19 tracks. 10 brand new songs, 9 of which are self compsed by Russ and 9 covers of some memorable early recordings including "Race with the Devil", one of Russ's 1960 recordings with Decca Recordings and a great new version of Russ's 1962 HMV cover of "Send me the pillow (that you dream on)". Also a great cockney version of the novelty number "Ally Oop".

CD's 2 and 3 are made up of a further 51 all original Russ Sainty & The Nu-Notes tracks, both vocal and instrumental, together with 6 original vocal tracks of Russ Sainty singing with the famous Dallas Boys, of whom you may recall from those wonderful late fifties/early sixties "Oh Boy Show's" produced for television by Jack Good.
Included in this package (CD 3) are 11 original "Demo" tracks charting Russ and The Nu-Notes rehearsing new material, all done in Rhet Stoller's up stairs bedroom on a domestic recorder.

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