Welcome to the official Russ Sainty website. I hope you enjoy the information and stories and reminisce fondly over the images within this site. They all make up my lifetime in Rock 'n' Roll, and what a journey it's been. Up's and down's, high's and low's. But it's true what they say; That's Rock 'n' Roll. And I should know, I was there at the very start.

There are some great pictures on the Gallery page, from the good old days back at the 'Cali (The California Ball Room, Dunstable) right up to the present. Well worth a look, especially for all those who were there at the time. I've included a Biography page which hi-lights, what I consider key stages in my life. Where it all started, the places I've been and the fantastically talented people I've met and worked with along the way. There's more about that in my book "King of the Cali' - A Lifetime in Rock 'n' Roll".

I always like to receive questions and comments from those genuinely interested in myself and the Cali'. Stories and pictures are even more welcome. You'd be surprised how rare good images are (Myself and the Nu-Notes, the Cali', the 2 i's club to name a few). You can get in touch via the Contact page.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoyed making it,

Russ Sainty - Unforgettable Love
Russ Sainty & The Nu-Notes
Bless You Girl
Russ Sainty - Go Away Little Girl


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